Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy! I'm talking about my one and only child who i dearly love and he is my little guy. In this picture he look so good boy in fairness he is the sweetest boy most of the time although in some moments or scenario he is kinda stubborn but i guess its a baby nature! hard to believed i have a grown up little boy, who is so curious of everything! he is 13months old already and very energetic. Doesn't want mommy to hold him and i missed that so much but anyhow if he is tired or sleepy he just want his mommy to cuddle him and hug him to the hardest lol! I love my boy so very much.


jana said...

his Mr. Nice guy with BEAUTIFUL EYES! manai pangalaan nya na nko iya eyes ha ahihihihihi ang blem a kay dili ko juntit LOL