Monday, April 14, 2008

caffeine kids

I Learned some things on an article i was reading it all about caffeine on children, how does it affect the and what is with the caffeine to the kids. I agree with the issue and affected since i am a mother now i just want the best for my son. Talking about his food or what he eats I'm kinda... shall we say picky. We're very strict, hubby and I to not giving him our son any caffeinated thing yet, because we know what will going to happen on his early age if his caffeine intake is high.
This was I've learned and might as well share it to you mommies out there!

"Children who are inattentive, fidgety, easily distracted and impulsive might be suffering from high caffeine intake, says tufts university diet&nutrition letter. For a 40pound child, "a can of cola plus just a half a cup of iced yea is the equivalent of three cups of coffee" for an adult. The article referred to research by Mitchell Schare, a psychology professor at Hofstra university, that showed that many of the symptoms of high caffeine intake in children mimic symptoms of such conditions as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Before you decide your restless or jumpy youngster has such a problem, it added, you might find the solution to the fidgetiness as simple as curtailing cola and tea consumption.