Friday, April 25, 2008

Inflatable adventure

My son is growing fast seems just when i gave birth to him and now he is so energetic as a toddler. We love him so much and we trying our best to make him always happy. One thing he loved is to go out for an adventure or go somewhere places! ohhh he enjoys it so much. So mama and dada have plans to go out of town getaway either Florida or California. Another good thing if we go to California is we can visit my aunt &uncle with their son just 5mo older than my boy. Exciting they can spend time with each other.And I am excited about our up coming trip because I just know that up there, has lots of things to see one of those is an inflatable party rentals since kids loved adventure and everything. Inflatable Party Rentals San Diego is perfect for our fun time together. I learned that, at is serving through out the states just like Inflatable Party Rentals Sacramento and Inflatable Party Rentals Los Angeles as well Reno Nevada from slides, rides and games they have all kinds of child's play that for sure kids will really have fun.