Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cleanliness - why so important??

I already post this to my Go confidently blog.. Im thinking i gonna posted here as well! this very important topic. There is a saying "health is wealth" So how we can get a healthy living? the answer is very simple... maintain a good and clean environment! keeping things clean is cheaper than buying medicine. However maintaining cleanliness is not that easy especially when you are under the condition of poor surroundings we know its difficult and a challenging. Still, always put in mine it is worth the effort.

Soap and water and a little extra work are cheaper than medicine and hospital bills, isn't it right?. If you live in such an environment that is difficult to maintain the proper sanitation as far as possible, keep your own house and yard clean and free of animal droppings. Because as we know animal dirt's is one of the big time causes of germs! Then if your path to your home tends to get muddy during rainy periods, you could put down gravel or stones to help keep mud out of the house. If shoes or sandals are used, these be removed before the wearer enters the home, or you can assign a certain place or area for shoes and sandals to put into. Also, you must keep your water supply free from contamination. It is estimated that at least 2 millions death per year are due to decease associated with dirty water and poor sanitation.

Another are should be consider is the bathroom and toilet, whether inside or outside the dwelling it should be disinfected. Because if toilet area is not kept clean and covered, flies will gather there and spread germs to other areas of home and of course onto the food we eat! It's really scary. More further, children and adult should wash hands after visiting this area, always don't forget! otherwise we bring germs back with us on our skin. I remember once in a public toilet, hubby mentioned a guy didn't do anything he just go straight outside without washing my goodness that is gross! According to french Doctor, hand washing " is still the best guarantees for the preventions of certain digestive, respiratory or skin infections." So, we should take note of that!

A clean home depends on every one of us- mother, father,children and visitors. We should learned how to do our part, because a clean tidy home will reflects well on the whole family there is no exemption. A Spanish proverbs states, " there is no conflict between poverty and cleanliness." So whether one lives in a mansion, an apartment, a humble home, or a shack, cleanliness is a key to a healthier individuals.