Saturday, July 7, 2012

They’re changing floors

These days I haven't spend much time talking with friends online. Got caught up with so many things like the convention we’re attending tomorrow and the short trip next week. But then again the other day, I wasn’t so busy so might as well see what’s happening with everyone in the hood. Glad I did it! A friend leaved a message asking me where to find a nice flooring supplier because they’re supposed to have a renovation soon. Knowing that my husband is a handyman, they thought we have an idea. Since we don’t live in the same state, I can only help them through the Internet by sharing friendly links that cater their concerns. I told her to click the follow link and it’ll lead her to Ray’s Flooring America. It’s one of the best actually in terms flooring materials because they have a huge selection from hardwood, tiles, carpet, vinyl and laminate. When it comes to prices and deals, they’re also very budget-friendly. I hope my friend will find something they really like and as much as her, I’m also excited to see their newly renovated house. A home makeover can be stressful but definitely it’s so much fun as well!