Monday, July 2, 2012

He's checking on flooring

If you happened to drop by at my blogs in the past, you probably know my stories about our quest to find a new house. I actually thought it’s going to be so easy, but it’s absolutely not. We had seen several prospects already but picking the right one, there’s got to be a lot of careful consideration. The budget of course is a factor and my husband, being a handyman/carpenter, he’s very much particular about how the house is built, the walls, doors, roofing, and flooring, it has to pass his taste. There’s this particular house we’re eying, it is an old Spanish house with a very wide yard. I ask him why an old house? I think he has a renovation in mind. Just recently he mentioned about flooring in ann arbor, it is a website that provides a variety of flooring options in America for many years already. Their hardwood flooring are gorgeous, especially the maple and oak. And by the way, they have great bargains now in some of their items, you might wanna check them out. Although I prefer not to have renovations but I’ll just support the husband whatever he decides on. Maybe he has better things in mind and I trust him for that.