Monday, July 2, 2012

Extreme Couponing

Been in couponing most lately i have a friend that teaches me the tricks of extreme couponing and i love it when you knw how to use them right! I tell you she can really save bunch of $$$ every day and $$$$ every month! Geees how cool is that?? That's why it ask her to really guide me of this because just like her i wanted to save alot! Let say you shop at CVS, Publix, Kroger & Target these are the stores that gives consumers the better savings ever you could have imagine! I collect coupons that i never done it before and i like it as well my husband he is so supportive he drive over there and i am the grocery shopper! LOL. If i can of course you mommies out there can too, there's nothing hard in trying! Wink.