Monday, March 5, 2012

the picture below

Definitely caught my attention. While visiting random pages I saw this decor and must say isn't it lovely? A wine glass turned up side down, with flowers at the bottom and a candle on top. I never thought this was possible, thanks to the creative mind of the one who made it. Gotta try making one on spring when we have flowers in the garden, am thinking of red roses but orchids would surely be simply pretty. Indeed this is a nice house decor, we should try what do you think? Winks!


KM said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. this would definitely make a lovely dinner table centerpiece ;) i will surely do this when we hold dinners at home :)

KM said...

you saw na pala yung version ko nito :D i just used whatever materials i have available at home ;)

thanks again for sharing this, she!

bbtoo said...

wow very it!