Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have you purchased a 'lemon?'

Referring to lemon cars or vehicles is what I mean here. Those are cars, trucks, SUV's and other vehicles that ain't performing the way it should be. Buying a second-hand car is a good option to many for it helps them save money. The problem is, some sellers doesn't disclose the exact condition of the vehicle which is something they owe to the buyer. Problems may arise if a newly purchased second-hand car is not in good condition, not to mention it is unfair for the buyer's part.

The nice thing is that lemon law exist thus ensures consumer protection and require the manufacturer or car owner to take responsibility in case a messed up occurs. Under the law, if you've proven that you are really have a claim, you can either ask your money back or have a car/vehicle replacement. Those living in CA in particular, there are California lemon law lawyers ever willing to help you along the process. If the car you just bought is pretty messed up, sure it's a headache. But through lemon law attorneys in California, you can take steps and settle the issue. Nice to know we are protected and thus ensured of our rights.