Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up

It's been days since I last made updates here. If I get a chance to be online, it'll have to be quick because there's a lot of other things I've been attending to in the house and also at the office. The husband and I switch duties and shifts, kinda cool and we're doing good so far. The nice thing with our set-up now is that the husband can spend more time with the kids and also has spare time doing the job he likes best. Being a handyman. He's been making custom cabinets lately and welcoming clients. Just recently he did a full kitchen makeover, using walnuts and oak tree. I'm just a proud wifey! Anyway, he likes to devote more time to it and thinking of creating his own line of custom-made furniture and kitchen cabinets. I'm pretty sure he'll do well if he pursue that endeavor and I'll be here to support him. Right now, we are doing some research about the latest designs and inspirations we can get from other successful furniture-making business. One of with is the Kitchen Cabinet Depo, I must say their products are awesome. Their designs are one of a kind and the quality just the best. They have those rta kitchen cabinets which are all so beautiful, a kitchen will look gorgeous having those.

Feel free to visit them online and see their collections. As for me, well got a lot of catching up to do. Will be working tomorrow so I'll see you around on the day after. Winks!


simply kim said...

good luck on the 'catching up'

a visit from kim!