Friday, March 2, 2012


I woke up this morning having a beautiful thought in mind. Feeling happy and cheerful, I wanna share it to my friends here in the BlogLand. What's it all about? I won't explain any further, just an announcement.

"I am giving away FREE monthly gift to a lucky winner. Just LIKE my store fan page at FB, (you can see my mini boutique icon in the upper left corner of my page) and you are in! That's about it, easy peasy! The ruffle draw will end on the 2nd week of March, and then I will announce the winner! Everyone can join. I love going international! By the way, the more the merrier so kindly share this goody freebie to anyone you know. Help me inform all those ladies in the house by spreading the virus. Winky Winks!


j O C y said...

opportunity comes.supporting here.