Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy Moments: Let's Pretend

He is a silly boy like his mommy, haha! one day we went to Walgreen's and i saw this gummy candy that i couldn't resist to try so i bought it when my boy saw it he wants to try it also so we share... We pretended like an ugly funny looking face! funny isn't it?
My lil girl pretending that she is a lion and trying to tease her big brother to bite him if she gets him close. Seeing them is so much fun and cute.


teJan said...

hhaahahhah...can't stop launging here mommy! he is so cute on that bubble gum..hehehh!

'anniniput' said...

wahahahah! mga kulukuy!

Lulu said...

ang cuteeee

Ria said...

Hello! I like that cute and weird candy...hahahaha. It looked so funny!

Thanks too for partying with me in my blog ;)