Thursday, November 19, 2009

She's 7mo. old

My lil girl just turn 7 months old last week and time flew by so fast i couldn't believe she'll be a year old next year. All the time she's so wanting to play with her brother that's the reason why i guess Alexa is trying to learn things so early, at 3months she started lifting her body and can sit up at 4 mos. Then right now she's in the stage of trying to crawl and so eager to lift her butt up and knees. I bet sooner or later i guess by the age of 8 mos old she'll be crawling everywhere! Whew... that would be fun for momshe huuh! lol.


Baby Cherrilyn said...

omg! she is sooooo adorable!!!
can't wait for my son to come out! hahaha
btw, im pregnant and due this month. sooo yeaaa. haha

cher of

alf said...

she's cute sis. time to child proof your house when she starts walking.

Me said...

She´s sweet! my little girl is 7 years old today...hehehe!

happy monday!

Kurdapyaz said...

thank you guys 4 all ur beautiful comment... appreciated much!