Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chit Chat with sissy!

While chatting sissy showed me some of the cloths and textiles mom bought recently. I was drooling! It's one of the things I missed back home. I mean going to the barter and see all the goods, not to mention the super low price and great deals, I wish we have it here! We do, but not quite the same. Anyway, before getting so jealous, might as well check out some life insurance rates. Someone's asking my opinion about it, asking if the ones online are better and more easier to apply. Got to go folks, see ya!


sweet_shelo said...

Hi sis, was here visiting you.. You are so true marami nga mga barters dito sa atin and am surely you have missed them..

The Real Garden

bea trisha said...

that's one different thing from here...
but as long as there are other means of easy buying...go for it..

it will also save your time..