Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet tooth!

love desserts! I feel deprive when I don't get to have one every now and then. Before when I was still single, I can eat all I want without worrying. But now thing's changed. So I really wanna stick to my diet plans and exercise a lot. But maybe I can have the best fat burner as well. To make it a lot easier for me you know. How bout you? Any tips in losing weight? Feel free to share, winks!


New Tips, Trick, Cheat Games said...

do not forget, we must keep the health, burn calories by walking several miles every day will make us healthier, and do not forget to stay away from fatty foods and high cholesterol

Cacai M. said...

Ooh my gosh.. pagkalami bitaw ikaon og mga chocolates noh.. para jud sa tooth and for the body as well.. balihorn.. hehheh

Have a good day MomShy.. thanks for the visit. My bloggies are visiting you as well.. muahhh!


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Nanaybelen said...

hi Mom. ako rin mahilig ako sa sweet...