Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teach them in an early age

It is a good idea to engage your kids in different activities in their early age so as they grow up more and more things they will be aware of and can able to handle things right and be independent youngsters. It's hard to imagine how time passes by so fast they grow and wanted to learn even more each day everything to them is adventure, curiosity is the best word to described to the toddlers mind right? I have a two years old toddler boy and as you know as part time blogger we deal with computers, the moment i sit in my chair there he goes behind me! He wanted to takeover the seat good thing i have couple computers(one without Internet) and my laptop where i do my blogging thingy. So anyhow to make the long story short he knows how to play puzzle games because i have some in my desktop so while am working momshe is letting him play, haha smart isn't it? In bright side not only he won't destruct me he's also learning things you know! I mentioned here that he can hold the mouse perfectly and recognized things on that puzzle game but once in awhile he will ask for hep hep(help)! I can't believe he now knows to operate my computer! pheww...

So anyway bloggers mommies out there if you think your kiddos wanted to over take you or trying to mess up your work why not teach them to use it right instead. I trust my son even am not around with him but just to make sure no Internet connection you know lots of bad things out there! Winks!