Sunday, September 20, 2009

Farm Town

~click photo to enlarge~
I admit its hard to say NO to this game on FB! I guess everybody agrees with me right? I been playing with this for 10 9days already and am not yet through with it so until now besides am busy with my household routines momshe will sneakout to cultivate her farm while kids asleep, haha! That's the only time i can have my moment you know. Anyway after i bought a farm town house yesterday i thought to just slow down my farming because if i won't control i'll probably get addicted to this game which is almost you know,lol!


Beth said...

Saw how the game is played, nakaka-adik nga yan! Pero di ko pa nalaro, nkikinood lang ako bka kasi ma-adik ako e. Ayoko pa naman mamatayan ng strawberries or kung ano pang plants diyan! :)

How are you na? :)