Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Authoritative Parents

Parents who are not harshly punitive, but who set firm boundaries and stick to them, are significantly more likely to produce children who are high achievers and who get along well with others," states U.S News & World Report. Such parents are termed "authoritative" ("do it for this reason") rather than "authoritarian" ("do it because I'm the parent") and "permissive" ("do whatever you want"), disciplinary styles that produced children with behavioral traits that were marked differently. The studies which spanned two decades, showed that authoritative parents were more likely to have children who were stable, contented, self-controlled, and self-reliant, and who were less likely to experiment with drugs. Authoritative parents are not bossy, they make it their business to know their children, how they're doing in school and who their friends are. Their control reflects a high level of commitment to the child, and they are not afraid to confront the child.

I'm blessed to have such authoritative parents. As what the report says above, they are the parents who truly care for their children's well-being by instilling in them proper values the right way. They are firm and uncompromising with their discipline. Thanks to them I grew up the way they want me too! Now, as parent myself, it's hard to raise up a kid, that's what me and the husband learned. But we'll do our best to be "authoritative parents," not feared though, but respected and trusted by the kids.