Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death Sentence before Birth

According to a danish heart specialist concerned with the deaths of people in their early 20's from heart disease investigated a possible cause. She found that infants born to smoking mothers already have in their blood vessels signs of the lesions and clogging associated with heart disease, while those born to nonsmoking mothers do not. In her studies at the University of Copenhagen, she also found the damage to be the worst among the babies of women who smoked the most. Research also indicates that even if a smoker stops smoking during her pregnancy, her child will still be born with some vessel damage that can develop as the youngster grows.

So see how doctors urged to women not to drink alcohol and smoke during their pregnancy or when they are pregnant because all the bad impact will goes to their unborn baby. I encourage to those who are pregnant or maybe pregnant and those who want a kids in the future... please take care of your self don't smoke or stop smoking if it's not too late yet just think of the little ones you will have.