Friday, September 11, 2009

Something controversial

I was browsing online for the complete news about a 15 year old teen who cried blood here in the State of Tennessee. I recently heard about his rare condition and I wanted to know the entire story. I've read several articles already and some other news bits too. I must say there are really interesting happenings out there, informative stories and some are shocking as well. One of the shocking, well not really if we open our minds, was the revelation of the former Senator Bob Dole who admits he's taking the world famous impotence pill Viagra. Accordingly, when the news anchor asked his opinion about it, he answered with full confidence and sincerity saying, "it was a great drug." Adding that the public should know more about it especially the many men out there who suffer from impotence which really affects their personal life.

His words are true. It's really devastating for the men of our lives to suffer such kind of condition. And perhaps the controversial blue pill is the answer so maybe we should open our minds even more and talk about the topic. In fact the Senator is not the only famous person who openly talked about it, Rush Limbaugh was once detained when authorities found a bottle of the drug inside his luggage while on vacation. And I was surprise Enrique Iglesias though still young also had this medication. Maybe right now the access to such drug has become easier, there are even Viagra online available today. However, according to the article, it's not like anyone can purchase it right away. Since it's a prescription drug, detailed consultation on line is required.

Anyway, those were the latest buzz I learned here in the Internet. How about you?


sweet_shelo said...

Oh really sis? That is a bit shocking.. but of course there are lots of meds like that around.. However, i guess this has negative side effects to the body.. They should be careful about it as it directly affects the heart..