Friday, April 24, 2009

With KUYA!

My son loves his sissy to death from the very first time he sees her the sparks and excitement we saw in him is instant. Kurdapyo's eyes dazzled whenever he's with her and smiles so blooming as you can tell in the picture it self a proud kuya. He tickles her especially the feet every morning when he wakes up goes to her bedroom right away and do this kinda thing, we're so happy watching them both and glad that he never get jealous as much as normally eldest kid does because of not being the baby in the family anymore ever since when i was pregnant we taught him so he knows that he's gonna be a big brother soon. I'm sure he is going to be a protective brother to her i guarantee you that.


Nanaybelen said...

Happy Sunday!
So nice toi see the pictures of your kids!
I am sure he will be a lovable and protective kuya.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang cute ng mga bata...
ang sweet ni kuya ^_^
i like your pics here ^_^
ingatz and God bless.

Nanaybelen said...

sya ba si Joshua?
Sigurado akong maging mabait na bata.