Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Squirrels are cute but annoying

Yea squirrels are cute i never seen them in my two eyes until i came here in the states at first i enjoy watching them climbing our fences and chasing around but that was before but right now squirrels are annoying especially when they getting into your stuff! Like for instance our bird feeder seed oh i tell you they eat all those things to the point it goes empty in just a day! They brought family over and as if they are having a feast haha. Another incidence was in my parent in-laws garden they have planted several of peaches and sadly to say all the peaches that just blossoms was eaten by the pesky squirrels and my in-laws was so upset because they work and cultivated it hard you know. Anyway not until we found a remedy how to get rid of those pesky squirrels and stop ruining our gardens, going and getting into our stuff and everything. I'm talking about havahart products a caring control for pets and wild animals. Squirrel repellents are the solution to stop these pesky squirrels at once! Husband is trying to get rid of them especially this time around spring and summer seasons a time for gardening and stuff so animals are just around the corners you know better have the defensive agent for the plants! Watch out squirrels!! lol.