Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pregnancy Guru

As you may know, I am preparing to be a mother again. We only have few days or so to go, who knows! I am enjoying every bit of my pregnancy right now, words aren't enough to describe the mix emotions I'm feeling right now. Before, I was so afraid as a first time mom. I remembered my first pregnancy 2 years ago, I had so many questions going through my mind that moment when I found out I'm pregnant. I was asking my self and very concerned about things such as, what are the things I can't do and I can do while am pregnant? Or can i hurt my baby if I'm sleeping in a wrong position? Or how I can cope up with morning sickness and mood swings? How can I deal with physical changes and so much more? Gladly, I'm one of those fortunate women who doesn't really experience the morning sickness sensation. Both of my pregnancies then and now have been doing pretty good. And this time around am confident being pregnant and thankful because all my questions were answered. I am aware more than ever before. Thanks to the information I've read and learned from and some other pregnancy sites. They indeed gave me a lot of tips and stuff like that so I learned so much.

So, if you are pregnant, can really help us find out all the answers to our questions and ease our fears of being a first time mother. They have every information about pregnancy, go ahead and check it out mommies!