Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eat Your Vegetables!

"They are bitter." "They taste bad." "I have never eaten them."- are just a few of the reasons why many refuse to eat vegetables? Well, not me and my family. I always enjoyed eating vegetables, in fact, not a day would past if we don't get to have a serving of it. So why do others do not appreciate the yummy veges? Surveys show that those who eat vegetables said that their parents had taught them the importance of eating vegetables. In contrast, many who do not like veges were not accustomed to eating them as children. Instead, they preferred junk food.

Parents must teach their children to eat vegetables! Studies suggest that at least once a day after breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, babies of about six months should be given vegetables that have been boiled, peeled, and then mashed. The greater the variety of foods, the better for the child. A child specialist says that while milk is the major food source for the first 2 years, introducing other foods encourages the baby to discover new tastes. It is also suggested that a small amount of orange juice, puree of fruits (such as banana, apple, and papaya), cereal, and vegetable soup can be introduced into the baby's diet earlier than specified above. I'm so glad that my parents trained us to eat gulay lol! Papa would often scold us if we refuse to do so. Thanks to the early training, we love vegetables of all kinds!


alf said...

i love vegetables too even ampalaya. my daughter's favorite is brocolli. good for your little boy that he eats veggies. happy weekend.

Anzu's Mum said...

Thanks for this... when I was a kid, i hate veggies, always meat and fish, but lately, i became more concious of my health that I started eating veggies 3 years ago. My dollie who7s turning six months next week loves mashed apple, carrot, and pumpkin (i serve those for a start...)

Melanie said...

kakatuwa naman ng baby mo...he is eating I wish Gabz will do the same...very picky eater sya kc.. hayyy