Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheap Hotels

It's been almost 4 years since I lived here in the U.S. Being with the love of my life and our two beautiful children gives me joy and happiness. I must admit though that I miss home so much. I'm missing my family, close friends, the fun and colorful life back in my hometown. There's also one person I miss so much, my cousin Jerla lol! She's my closest relative, we grew up together and we've been through a lot. She is also a happy wifey and mommy like me and yeah, come to think of it, we're basically just neighbors. She lives in San Diego with her family and one of my goals really is to visit her soon. We need to see each other and bond, my family and hers.

We lived quite far from each other but at least we don't need passports if we'd plan to visit lol! She told me that we can stay in their house, and I would love it! Hotels and accomodations would be expensive, I mean that was until I landed unto cheaperthanhotels. I found the cheap hotels in San Diego and more. It's an online directory of the cheapest hotels anywhere in the world! It provides access to last minute deals and pre booked discounts which are great. Hey, did you know that this website is so popular to overseas visitors to the West Coast since it provides the best deals you could possibly imagine. So if you're like me who plans to travel over the West Coast, find the cheap hotels in Seattle, cheap hotels in San Francisco, to anywhere like Vegas, L.A, they have it all!

Oh Jerla, hope to see you soon!!! Winks!