Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our family green New Year's resolutions

Guest post written by Anthony Banks

This is the first year ever that we've had a family-wide New Year's resolution. But we decided on it together so I think that we'll be able to push each other to keep it. One of our daughters, Emma, decided that we weren't recycling all that we could in our household and I knew that she was right. So we made a resolution to recycle all that we can in an organized system.

I wanted to get the other kids involved in Emma's recycling project too. So I looked online to figure out exactly what we could recycle in our town and the drop-off locations. While I was looking up that stuff online I came across the website and decided to sign up for one of the satellite internet packages that I found on it.

I think that we'll be able to stick to these family New Year's resolutions about recycling because I got the kids excited about them and even let them paint the recycling containers we're putting all the stuff in before we take it off.