Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For a healthy kid

I'm currently reading an article from my favorite Awake magazine about the 'Five Keys to Better Health.'I find it interesting because it tackles not just on adults but children too. It says here that in parts of Africa, there are more children who are overweight than malnourished. Putting them at risk to future health problems. As parents we know we should be our child's example. A good advice to follow is- "Eat food. Not to much. Mostly plants.' Sounds very simple but with all the processed food we have now, it's an effort. So for me, the best way to kinda balance it is to keep our children active. Like what does, providing the largest online parent resource for kid’s lessons, classes and camps. Their goal is for children and teens acquire active bodies and minds.

By becoming a member, it's free, one can browse and search for activities by age, gender, time, and area. They can also sign up for select classes, which are very affordable and fun. By the way, there's a Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign. By simply clicking sticky notes and posting to our wall, we can help grow healthy kids and even give them free scholarship. Sounds really cool! Being healthy is the best thing we can do to our selves and our children too.


Earn Cash Online said...

wow nice article, thanks for sharing

simply kim said...

i agree with what you say about setting examples to our children..