Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On weight gain

I must admit that am far from being who I was before. In many ways and aspects. I believed I've changed alot for the better. On how I view people and deal with problems. When it comes to priorities and goals in life. On a lighter note, it's also a fact that I really gained weight, far from being the skinny me I was before. After my two pregnancies, weight gain became a serious issue. No matter how strict I'm with my diet, most of the time I gave in. Thought that I can never reach my desired weight and that saddens me. Also thought of trying diet pills, even the world's best diet pills! But because of the hundreds available, I wasn't quite sure which one works best.

Reading some reviews and articles did helped a lot. Some good ways to stay fit is having a diet plan and choosing healthy, diet foods. Of course, exercise and active lifestyle do wonders too. And if you really need one, there are safe and effective weight loss diet pills available from trusted stores. Right now, am happy with the diet am maintaining. It works well for me. Along with the herbal coffee that controls my appetite, soon am about to reach my targeted weight. I'm so getting there, lol!