Thursday, January 27, 2011

For US visitors...

Wanted buyers! To those who love this celebrity style shoes am selling it away 50% off to the original price. For $19.99 + extra 5$ shipping you can have this new in box taupe crinkle booties with 4" heels and a size 7wide. Hurry it is first come first serve deal. I only accept paypal payment, just leave a comment. This is exclusive for US residence. Thank you!


teJan said...

elegant shoes.. salamat sa visit gwapa:)

bbtoo said...

hi there..thanks for visisting...i love the shoes

Anonymous said...

visit sad ko dre Yang.. beautiful shoes indeed! Pero dli ko ka-heels ky buntit aketch.. waaa.. one month pa gani^.. hahaha.. bitaw oi, ky kapoy buhat nya^ dli na pod mabuo.. wahahaha!

Woizzt visit pod ha? hehe..

It's me,
Cacai M.