Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friends comin over

Here today to visit us and have some fun i think am going to cook some sotanghon and biko for us to eat while watching the kids playing. My boy and her boy get along very well although her lil boy is a year younger but he looks big boy already and my kurdapyo enjoy his company a lot so we make Saves and I once in awhile they will see each other to play. I can't wait when the weather is really getting warmer because we go outside our backyard to have a dry picnic while the boys playing on kurdapyo's swing and slides set, haha!

Oh on the second note, i am excited also because am about to start my kids party here reall soon hope sooner than soon depends on Mr. sunny if he cooperates so momshe can start the planning. Wink!

Oh i need to go for now, will do some swipping here before friends arrive! Very messy floor...hayz! TTYL