Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Been BUSY as BEE

Hi guys for passed couple of days momshe was so busy here and there. Taking care of kids, chores and more chores and doing some errands as well. So there's no way i could update and take a seat to write my blogs i keep telling myself ok if am done for today i'll be updating my bloggys but i keep missing it so right now while feeding my baby at the same time am typing! lol. Gush, but today my lazy butt striking me again my undone chores is waiting me and it's already afternoon whew.

Though yesterday i was so hectic had to prepare and fix my husband and coworkers lunch American style! And they all loved it i made 2 large pan baked zitti and a pumpkin pie made by scratch i told mom (MIL) to not make meal anymore because am treating them at least ones in a blue moon you know,haha! Well glad they liked it and am touch they gave me a thank you card and signed with all of them. It feels really great whenever you do lil things to friends and family and i did it in my own lil way. Wink!