Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bedtime reading beneficial

When parents read to their children at bedtime, they do more than simply lull them off to sleep. Researchers say that this activity enhances children's language abilities, helps develop their motor skills by teaching them to grip and turn the pages, and sharpens their memory. "Most important, though, is that reading aloud is a period of shared attention and emotion between parent and child. This reinforces reading as a pleasurable activity. And according to a study, "children ultimately learn to love books because they are sharing them with someone they love.

Josh loves his story books and we make it a point to read him atleast one story before he goes to bed. He kinda memorized it already, he even corrects me if I seem to change the story line, haha! The same goes with my baby girl. I really do hope they'll continue to love books when they get older. :D