Monday, February 8, 2010

mommy making money!

How long has it been? Oh, three years! Three exciting and fruitful blogging years! I was pregnant with Josh when I first created my blog, I remember. Through friends, I learned that it's possible to make money at home while doing things I enjoy. For example, since I love browsing websites and checking out freebies, I found out that companies will actually pay people to evaluate their products and try their service. It's called paid surveys/complete surveys where you, at the convenience of your home, at your preferred time, can take surveys about different companies.

One such website is GetPaidToTry. It pays their members to try products and services through free product trials, paid research panels, opinion surveys, and so much more! You just have to choose which ones you like the most. Joining their system is so easy. Just sign-up, it's free don't worry! You can now start completing offers and when you refer family and friends to join as well, you'll get extra cash. It's so cool! I mean, for a full-time mom like me, earning money at home is such a good news. Not just that, I've met lots of beautiful people online, they are now my friends. Working online is the kind of job I love to keep for a long time. How about you? If you still haven't tried it, now is the time to start.

Have a great time earning bucks online. May it work for you as it did to me, winks!


Beng said...

wow, i want to try this one!