Saturday, February 27, 2010

He'll be 3...

In march! I can't believe my kurdapyo is going to be 3 years old very soon. Surely time fly by so quick i feel old already... yikes! Kurdapyo is a very silly boy and he is getting any better right now. He learned so many things already and am so proud of him honestly he can watch his lil sissy when mommy is doing chores here and there as long i instruct him what to do or not to do he'll follows really well. Oh boy! since he was 2years old he's been talking already but more so right now he talks non stop all day long, lol! Annoying but cute and funny at least he talks! He's trying to be more independent now, he wants to do his own like eating, changing his clothes, cleaning him self and helping me around too! Bottom line is am so happy with my boy's development he's smart already and am sure he is going to be smarter as he gets older! I guess like mother like joke! hihi


grace said...

hay ka joker nimo oi.. kurdapyo napud name your bogoy?