Monday, December 21, 2009

Sail away!

Would you like travel in a cruise ship? Who wouldn't? Most of us probably consider it to be the ultimate vacation of a lifetime, something we longed for and dream about. The good news is there are now cheap cruises available, lots of great deals actually and you can search them online which makes it easier. With a little saving here and there, maybe soon you can pack your bags and sail away. This is something my mom's good friend experienced just this year. She and her family had a Caribbean cruise. They toured around Miami, Bahamas, and hopped by many other lovely spots. Their pictures painted so many words really, they surely had fun and unforgettable vacation.

I'm just wondering though, for people taking a cruise, what are their preparations for such trip? Is it the same with other vacations, like going to the beach or camping? From what I saw in the movies, cruise ships are often associated with parties, fireworks, shows, couples, and fun, fun, fun! Well I wish I can go for a cruise someday, with my loved ones of course. Who knows, as what I've said, it's getting affordable these days so it's not impossible anymore. What do you think?


Riza said... idea about cruise ship vacations, but would really love to experience one. For now, let me see the Philippines first before other countries...heheh

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