Friday, December 25, 2009

No way!

That's the famous word for Kurdapyo right now, every time we ask him something that he doesn't like or doesn't want to do he does say "No way, i don't like it", (w/matching funny tone) lol! at first we kinda wondering where he got these words till i found out that it's from Go Diego Go, haha! He'll be 3 years old in march and he know so many things already it is so funny to hear him talking alone every time he is playing at his computer or in his playing room or even with us. He asks his self and answers him self with all this neat and funny words i swear. This time he's fond of jigsaw puzzles and i am surprised and amazed by him i tell you he can play alone after the first time teaching him you know. Oh am just so proud of my lil kurdapyo with all my heart! Am sure all mothers are proud of their kiddos right! Winks!