Monday, December 21, 2009

Girl power and Ski

I hate winter to be honest, but there's one thing I think would be impossible if not for this freezing cold weather and icy slopes. Ski, that is. I've never tried it though, and I don't think I can, lol! But many people especially during these season are off to their ski holidays. Since it's a group activity, as early as now, enthusiast across the world are starting to book already. They really want to participate and enjoy huh! But did you know that there's some kind of discrimination in this kind of sport? I'm talking about the Olympic Winter Games. It is the only activity that does not allow women to compete. But the fact is, women are very much capable of ski jumping, most of them even winning in international ski competitions.

Because of this, a petition is being raised to ask the International Olympic Committee to uphold the true spirit and intent of the Olympic Games to add women's ski jumping event for the coming 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Why not? I mean, it's a man's sport but ladies can definitely kick their butt don't they? Let's just hope for the best and watch the Olympics. By the way, let me ask, have you tried skiing? How does it felt like? I bet it's a total blast!