Sunday, October 18, 2009

How charities raise funds?

There are many nice things about blogging, one of which is the information, the many news and reports I get to know whenever I'm doing my blogging routines. For instance the number of natural disasters has been hitting different countries around the globe. We read reports about typhoons and earthquakes and the victims of course. And also we know about those people and charities coming to their aid. But have you ever wondered how such individuals and organizations get their financial funds?

One way they do so is through fund-raising projects. But accordingly, smaller charities do not always have the means to gain permits for large fund-raising events. So what do they do in order for them to continue their mission? Well, they participate in online bingo games. This option has been a great way for them to get the funds and support they need as well as interact with their growing community. But recently, a law called SB 1369 prevents any of these Bingo for Charity to raise funds. Which means charities will solely depend on old fashioned games that will eventually cause them to suffer. Maybe the ones responsible for this bill doesn't realize the need to allow charities to play bingo to raise money.

Oh well, let's just wait for the updates of this recent news and see what happens next.


bea trisha said...

hope these charities win in order to support their causes for those who are gravely in need!