Friday, October 2, 2009

Watching news through direct TV

Chatting with my family back home has been a day to day routine for me so I'm pretty much aware of everything that's happening over there. It's so sad to know about the recent typhoon that severely hit the Philippines. Although my hometown is very much faraway from the affected areas but still I monitor the news. Aside from the regular chatting with them, I also make sure to watch the news channels and international updates.

Well good thing we have an access to direct TV. Compared to the regular cable providers you know, directv has all the features and channels we've always wanted. And since am becoming a news hound these past few days, I get to watch the latest and the hottest updates that's happening across the world. DirectTV also provides high-definition programmings and of course we know nothing can beat that feature! If you want more distinct and detailed picture and great sound quality, plus the hundreds of channels local and international, you simply can't settle without a sat TV.

As for me, I'll be monitoring the news every now and then. Oh not just the news but also the other shows that really entertains me.


bea trisha said...

it's good to know that u get nice updates through directTV..

hope the Filipino citizens who were affected bt the storm recover asap...i've been also praying for them...