Friday, March 15, 2013

Sewing and Crafts

I look forward to my new project to make soon. It's my other hobby should I say. I am not into sewing before when back i was single, however when you are a mom and have a daughter your prospective will change tremendously. I started getting the interest of sewing specially dresses when i have my second child and she's my only girl. I called her my walking doll, because she's a typical lil girl who loves dresses and make her feel like a princess. One reason why i wanted to have a daughter in the first place. I am so envy before when i see mommies and their lil princess together, dressing up their girls with those beautiful dresses with matching bows and shoes and stuff like that, lol! Ohhh, they're so CUTE! That's why, i told my husband i want one, haha! I am so thankful he gave me one. So from then on, I am a certified crafty mom just like any other mommies out there.

Learning these things wasn't hard at all, i know i rather cook than make dresses and accessories but, hey you know what right now?  I totally enjoying it! I can't wait to get my new sewing machine delivered so i could start my thingy very soon. Spring is fast approaching, would be nice to dress up my princess with those colorful and brilliant spring color dresses that she really love. Those are my materials and fabrics to make. Will share you my creation as soon as i start sewing. Excited pretty much! Wink.