Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mommade Shirt Dress

Besides baking hobby, i am as well enjoy sewing. Making crafts for my kids is my hobby also, particular the lil girl's stuff. She loves dresses, hair bows/ribbons, anything and everything makes her a princess.. that's what she always says, lol. So anyways, dresses is really her favorite to wear and she seldom wears shirts and bottoms. Bunch I've got is just useless! So i came up an idea to fix them and give a twist and character instead of just plain t-shirts. I was bumped into how to make your shirts into cute casual dresses for everyday wearing. You can even wear it at formal night out, it depends on shirts you use. This is the simple shirt dress so far i made, she loves it as if it is new to her, haha. Keep telling me " iloveyou momi, you made the best dress ever". Isn't that cute and wonderful feeling your child telling you those words repeatedly? For me it is priceless indeed. You can make one too for your lil girl. Wink!