Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winner Rugs and Carpets!

I never thought I could love rugs so much that I actually swallowed my pride and asked the seller and owner of this house to leave her beautiful rugs behind, safe in my hands lol! Seriously, rugs and carpets are pretty investments and if we take care of them real good, they could last years, we can even pass them to our children. So it’s practical to buy rugs that not just look amazing but of high quality. One source is, it’s been serving satisfied customers for 3 decades and counting, providing them the best quality floor coverings.

They have everything from tiles, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and carpets, just browse their collection and shop for your style. I personally love their Side by Side by Evans Black carpet design. I thought it’s classy with carved trellis patterns. Since it’s made with Stainmaster ExtraBody nylon fibers, it’s sure tough and soil and stain resistant. I was thinking, if I could have this kind of carpet, I’ll go for ‘Windy City’, it’s kinda like red/maroon something, yup forever red for yours truly!

So anyway, if you’re interested, head up to their website and choose your style. You can request for a free measurement and estimates for your floor project. By the way, I need to mention, their carpets t has a 15-year warranty, how cool is that? It only shows that they can really last for years in its best shape possible. For those hunting for rugs and carpets that’s worth the investment, this could be the one you’re looking for.