Wednesday, December 5, 2012

His and Her's

I am talking about kids bedroom, was finally done! Organizing and sorting wise. I can not imagined how much stuff they have and despite of that momshe able to managed and she handled it as easy as 123, lol. Anyway and practically speaking we decided to put them in one bedroom for now since kids are still little they don't really need a bigger space and for us also, it will lessen our loads in cleaning their rooms every now and then. Because you know how kids can become messy as they can be! two(2) in one(1) cleanings solution is a good mindset ideas for parents. Well, since the bedroom is quite bigger and fits twin size beds, there's his corner and her corner also in the opposite side of the wall. The boy loves cars and boy stuff and colors so i make sure he got all his things well put out together, his curtain hanging on one of the window and his cars chairs, lamp, frames and all that manly stuff.

Meanwhile the lil girl loves her princess thingy, so i did a purple curtain on the other window, haha! And her girly wall decorations, like butterflies and hearts, as well all kinds of stuffed toy animals that she called it her sisters and friends. Her Dora's chairs, her doll house on her side spot too. Actually it turn out nicely than i really anticipated and still got plenty of space for them to play and their stuff to put in. So far so good, we are all happy about it. We'll move one of the kids out to other room as they get bigger enough and responsible.