Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love at first sight

Do you believe the words above? I personally do, I’m not generalizing but there are things in life that makes your heart skip a beat and your eyes battle, something that will just make you say “yes!” I always encounter that when shopping for shoes, lol! Seriously the house we settled in here in FL is one example of love at first sight. Really, it was a long and frustrating search, with lots of deliberation. Then that faithful day came and the husband drove around the neighborhood. It was just supposed to be a simple wandering, we didn’t know something was waiting for us at the corner.

So a nice, neat looking beach house caught my attention. Told the husband to drive towards its direction and to our surprise, there was this signage that says “For Sale.” You know that moment you realized there is something exciting that lies ahead and you just can’t help but smile, yup, that’s exactly it. So we pulled over the driveway and silly as it can be but I thought to myself, this is going to be our pavers soon! The owner was so friendly to let us inside without an appointment, lol! As we toured the house, I just knew it has to be the one. Was giving the husband an irresistible smile and battling eyes so as to give him a hint, so glad he got it! To make the story short, I realized that it takes a whole lot of patience and an ample amount of time to get what you hoped for, and that it will land in your lap in perfect timing.

Here’s a bonus, we learned that the landscape and everything in the pave way are from Pasifika, the best when it comes to outdoor space and landscapes. Winks!