Monday, April 23, 2012

A Vow that Never Ends

Looking at the mirror, you guys can see everything that changes on your face and your body figure. While getting older, those wrinkles reveal and for others, gradual hair loss may be noticed. Advancing years for married couples really means getting older than they were before. For years of trial some, we can actually ask them: “How you guys value your vow?”

We probably know from our grandfather and our grandmother what they’ve been when they are still young. Perhaps their love for each other as husband and wife grows more and more ‘til they got aged. Even if they still continue worrying themselves with the happiness and safety of their seedlings, but one thing for sure is that they feel the affection for each other until their children reaches adulthood. This stage is difficult since this is the first reminder that they are getting old. So as not to feel lonely, some aged couples tend to try exercise activities, having fun with their friends and going to some places for date. Truly, we can say that those married lover can still continue loving each other even if there were troubled times. For them, thinking that the vow they pleaded shall never ends until they are lifeless.