Monday, April 2, 2012

Got it today

Was looking for nady microphones when I heard someone rung the doorbell. So I hastily went outside and saw the delivery guy. He definitely made me smile! It was today we got the package, that was quick. It's the tablet the husband bought for who else? Lol! I'm so happy! It's wider than I thought but it works perfectly fine. I still haven't check the apps installed though. The litte boy will surely like it because it has lots of games and educational materials in it. I'd like to download something like a virtual guitar or piano in it as well. It'll be nice if the kids will be musically inclined isn't it? Alright, getting late. Time to say goodnight and sweet dreams.


Jennifer said...

^( ‘-’ )^ blog visit…

simply kim said...

wow! wish a tablet of my own.. :D

a visit from kim!