Saturday, April 21, 2012

Parenting – A challenging Role

Nowadays rearing children is a formidable task. Although there are some who succeed but sad to say some did not. We know that it is a joy beyond compare when a parent received a precious gift, those cute and cuddly children. Actually it really depends on the parents if they want dozens of kiddos as they want but they will have to prepare also dozens of responsibilities.

The most challenging part of it is training them while they are still young. A mother’s embrace on the kid and talking to it filling its emotional needs is very vital and essential. A close relation to the kid between parents is also important so that it can be easy for them to train their kid while it is young. Of course, parent should give the necessary need of the child but not all what the child wants. It is also good to teach the kid a little reading because in that way he/she will be able to read before entering school. This will develop the child’s brain in preparation for the years of education. Guiding them never stops until they reach the age when they say: “Mom and dad, I’ve learned a lot, thank you! It is the reward from all the challenges of being a parent. I am so grateful to have two kids they're our joy and our life, we couldn't imagine how our lives going to be without them with it!


bellybytes said...

The most challenging role of a parent is letting the child go. That is not only heart breaking it is also life changing..........Enjoy your children while they are still young and listen. For when they grow older they'll make you cry.

The OC said...

Hi! Totally agree! I'm a new mom, eldest is 14 months and my youngest just turned 1 month. Taking care of two babies is a lot of work and often leaves me exhausted! But their smiles, wet smacks and hugs from such tiny chubby hands take all the body aches away! I am a workaholic but I made a decision to cut back on work and spend as much time as I can with my babies!