Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's Agenda

Our Agenda for today is just very simple... kiddos and I are waiting till Dada get home from work at lunch time and we planned to take the kids for a ride since joy riding is the kids favorite thing to do they both a lot like their momshe loves outdoors and driving around so Dada needs to be patient to the 3 of us because he is like a home buddy kinda type of! Anyway, then we will be heading to grocery shopping then lastly maybe will have our dinner at Ruby Tuesday we still have a gift card to use there it's from our Wedding Anniversary gift haven't use it yet! So that's pretty much it for this weekend, hope tomorrow is sunshine and we can go visit their Grandparents! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend ahead ya'll and enjoy! By the way, don't miss to visit my online BOTIK! we have sales going on there... wink!