Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Sick

I thought daughter is over with colds but i heard her sneezing again this morning she got nose running! Here we go again i hope she won't get there again at night that we both can not sleep because for the passed couple of weeks we've been that way and just last week we had our normal night back nicely. Am crossing my finger today that her sneezes will go away and she won't share back to her brother what she have right now otherwise both of them will handfull! I hate winter this is the time that my kiddos are very easy to get colds and allergies..ughhhh! Hope winter goes away soon and can't wait for the summer!


MaxiVelasco said...

Hello She'.

I hope that your daughter's feeling a lot better now. I, too am feeling not so good. Too cold, I guess.

By the way, just want to thank you for adding my blog to this blog's blogroll. I have added this blog to my blogroll, too.
have a pleasant Sunday! Hugs!

dinah mae said...

Hi! nice blog!
visit mine too!

Dorothy L said...

Hey girl...
No parent enjoys it when their child is not feeling well...It is when our compassion kicks in and our reality of what our priorities really are come forward. All of a sudden our bad hair day does not seem so bad~

Con Artist Trickster said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting me.
Wishing all the best for your daughter, and all of you.
Hope she recovers soon.
See ya.

Beng said...

get well soon!