Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suffering Online

Online community websites allow people to established relationship with a number of strangers via the internet and reportedly to feel more popular. Such sites are also "paradise for liars," busybodies, and the prejudiced, says a magazine. Some site users fake their own profiles. Others bully those who are overweight, are short, have frizzy hair, and so on, causing them great emotional pain. According to a psychologist, this occurs because what happens on websites is more important to the victims than what happens in the daily life.

Don't you agree? Websites are supposed to be a place of knowing and befriending people, and meeting up with friends. But apparently, it also became a place of gangsters. Take for example, hmmm... never mind, lol! I promote world peace. Bottom line is, we must be careful in dealing with our online friends. To learn when to draw the line, you know. Well, I'm just glad I have the best online friends in the world, winks!